Midlife (over fifties) in one of the very important life cycle periods. It comes with its own challenges as well as its wisdom and settlement. That wonderful transitional period between young adulthood and old age requires a lot of changes in work goals, relationships, family systems, life style, health and appearance. As the human system changes new visions and goal setting would make it easier to adapt. Even if it is smooth and normal, change itself brings stress to our emotional and physical system. Development and evolution are inescapable for our nature and embracing it mindfully would definitely make this journey unique and much more fulfilling.

Later years in life what usually happens it that parents get old or die as well as our friends, children are grown and settle their own lives emptying the nest, for some people marital problems peak as a consequence of long relationship years, most people retire or slow down their ambitions in work life, aging becomes unavoidable both physically and mentally and financial difficulties might be an issue at this period of life. When people reassess their lives as a nature of this life cycle, some get upset, have regrets and disappointed about the past, but it is very important to first acknowledge our feelings (you’re not alone, it is very normal), learn from our mistakes with a self-compassionate stance and use this stage as an opportunity to create new visions and set new goals for your future. It is then possible to explore and recreate our future without being hooked up at a midlife crisis. Don’t forget, you are much wiser now with all those life lessons, use this as an advantage.

It is always a very good idea to sit and think about that you want for your future. Wherever you focus, your energy will follow. Make it with optimism and gratitude. Write down in a journal; the palest ink is stronger than the sharpest memory.

Şirin Atçeken, MFT (Sirin Atceken)

Marriage and Family Therapist

EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant and Supervisor

SE Europe Accredited Therapist