The TikTok weight loss dance is going viral, but it’s actually extremely dangerous. Odds are, you (or someone you know) has watched the odd weight loss move, made famous by user Janny14906. The stomach workout has generated millions of likes and follows because it’s promised to be the perfect ab routine. 

But, here lies the problem: Experts warn that the exercise won’t give you a six-pack. Instead, it will negatively affect your body and mental health. “Janny claims in their videos that the exercise will “reduce the abdomen,” but it’s a myth that you can target fat loss from a specific body part,” personal trainer Sohee Lee tells Insider. “Specific exercises won’t give you a flat stomach.”

Doing one exercise in order to give you a certain aesthetic isn’t healthy if you’re disregarding nutrition, sleep, drinking water and all of the other factors of taking care of your health.

Sohee continues, “This person is promoting this exercise as what do if you want to get skinny, she also has other posts where she says multiple times, ‘Exercise for an hour a day and eat whatever you want,’ which of course is completely incorrect and this kind of advice is exactly what gets people into a lot of trouble where they go for a run then eat their faces off and end up gaining a bunch of weight.”

If you want to focus on fitness, then it’s crucial to do it in a safe way. Strengthening your core is a great way to improve balance and stability, according to Mayo Clinic. Focus on side planks, crunches and hollow body holds. Weight loss goals aside, working out is a way to show self-care. 

Şirin Atçeken is a psychologist who works at healthcare consultancy, WeCure. She warns against the psychological dangers of fad diets. “We are constantly bombarded by adverts selling us unrealistic expectations, ‘quick fixes’, and easy way-outs,” she explains to Insider. “In a time where we are calling out fake news, it can be quite dumbfounding that certain content even passes advertising standards. But sadly, the more people that engage, the wider the reach.”

The main takeaway is to stay away from any fad diet or viral exercise that promises fast results. Make sure to do your research before trying any TikTok health and fitness tips.