Ever wonder why Love Island stars jet off overseas to get a new set of gnashers? Or why A-list men would rather get their hair transplants out of the UK? Are you still thinking about those images of Katie Price being wheeled through a Turkish airport following one of her treatments? Cosmetic surgery holidays are a thing, a big thing, for celebrities, it appears.

While many of us couldn’t imagine going to the effort of travelling internationally for a procedure (no less the quarantine factor of the minute, plus the fact, oh, look at that, we can’t afford it), and we’re often warned of botched surgeries in the pursuit of the ‘perfect’ body, stars are bidding farewell to the UK and returning with new faces.

Companies have since popped up to cater to this demand, with WeCure, founded in 2018, linking celebrity and A-list clients in the UK to internationally accredited medical institutions in Turkey.

It may come as precisely zero surprise to punters the most popular procedures celebrities are lining up for include ‘hair restoration, dental treatments, and breast augmentation or uplifts’.

And as Emre Atceken, co-founder of WeCure, tells Metro.co.uk, while the number of celebrities taking up the company’s services varies depending on the surgery, ‘it’s more than you would think’.

Claiming Turkey sees more than 500,000 patients each year as part of so-called ‘health tourism’, he continued: ‘Surgery abroad isn’t just popular amongst Love Island and reality TV stars, but also A-Listers, who favour hair transplant surgery.

Emre Atceken
Emre Atceken runs a company that facilitates A-list ‘health tourism’

‘However, contrary to popular belief, there has been an increase in enquiries during Covid, with many planning ahead for their next surgery or treatment, and this is also the case for celebrities. We think this is due to people wanting to make changes after lockdown, and also wanting to change their ‘Zoom face’, and change certain features that have bothered them during video calls.’

Since NDAs are key in this industry, Atceken – who says it’s the celebrities that come to the company for treatments, rather than the other way around – is shtum on his client list.

Explaining contracts are put in place to provide privacy for stars recovering from a procedure, Atcekan went on: ‘These are personal, and painful procedures, with recovery times, so ensuring discreet accommodation and efficient travel and transfer options are available to make sure they get their privacy is important. Some clinics will ensure full protection is offered, with considerations in place including separate entrances for high profile clients, organising night time flights, and bookings using various different names. Some celebrities will even use body doubles to distract press and photographers.’

While Atceken was also keeping the price list close to his chest, insisting the full-service provided is tailored to each star’s requirements, he did shed a little light on what such a bespoke service may entail for the rich and famous.

He said: ‘We provide our clients with various package alternatives; from all the essentials of a pleasant experience to additional comfort elements such as a private golf course booking in Antalya or a helicopter ride over the city, to make clients feel like Sultans.’

Close up of woman receiving botox injection in lips
Caption: Close up of woman receiving botox injection in lips Photographer: Robert Daly, Provider: Getty Images Copyright: GETTY IMAGES (Credits: Getty Images)

Breaking down some of the various surgery costs, ‘for cosmetic dentistry, celebrities can spend anywhere from £10,000, up to £30,000, but in some cases, celebrities have been reported to spend up to £100,000. For hair transplants, many celebrities have been reported to spend over £25,000 on procedures, but celebrity fees can also be anywhere from £13,500’.

There has been, understandably, criticism over the years of celebrities being offered free veneers, or reality stars being approached for social media coverage in exchange for a butt lift or Botox, which not only increases the risk of someone ambling into a backyard clinic but also threatens to create an unattainable pursuit of perfection for some.

While Atcekan feels working with certain stars can provide ‘promotional advantages’, he’s careful to make sure they’re getting the same level of service as would a paying client, and insists professionalism and safety is key – adding WeCure only works with’ the highest-quality clinics in Turkey’.

‘If I were a celebrity, I would want to put some sort of payment down, even if it was just the cost of a deposit, just for insurance purposes…’ he said. ‘It really is important that when companies work with celebrities on campaigns such as this, it’s done safely, professionally and precisely.’