Coaching Services

We provide professional coaching support by ensuring our clients to use their sources effectively by using a target-oriented approach such as choosing a profession, career planning, developing management skills or by using a solution-oriented approach such as finding what you want in life; overcoming obstacles, indecisions and hardships.

If you need support in these matters, you can contact our specialists that graduated from ICF accredited schools and provide coaching services in accordance with ethic standards.

What is Coaching?

Supporting the clients in clarifying their goals, making plans, overcoming the potential obstacles, finding solutions to challenges, developing new skills and improving their performance in one-on-one sessions without telling them what to do or doing the things they are supposed to do.

What can you use the coaching service for?

-To develop management/leadership skills

-To plan your career, progress in your career

-To choose a career / profession for students

-To improve your performance

-To develop various skills (assertiveness, self-confidence, time management, etc.)

-To strengthen your relationships

-To decide on things that you have a hard time deciding.

-To create a balanced, fulfilling way of living

-To set goals for work or life

What happens during the coaching process?

The coach listens, asks questions, shares his/her observations and supports. The coach aims the client to discover himself/herself in every sense, to be able to effectively cope with life mentally, socially and emotionally. He/she follows the confidentiality principles, trusts the client and creates a journey of discovery for today and the future by creating a sharing environment.

Things to know:

-The coach doesn’t give you any advice and doesn’t decide for the client.

-The coach doesn’t judge the client and doesn’t draw positive or negative conclusions about the client.

-The coach does not try for the client to have vain hopes.

How do the sessions work?

-The sessions are conducted in Salt Psychology Institute’s rooms where you can have privacy.

-The coaching process may take 3-12 sessions. The approximate length will be discussed in the first session depending on the subject the client wants to get help with.

-Each session is 50 minutes long.