Child, Adolescent, and Family Counselling

Children face many challenges during their developmental period. Most of these problems resolve by themselves. However, it can be harder to overcome some challenges for the child and the parents. Getting professional help would increase your and your child’s coping skills during those times.

How can we help you?

-Getting ready to become a mom and dad

-Parenting counselling (attachment problems, natural/positive parenting, setting healthy boundaries, mindful parenting etc.)

-Divorce counselling

-Loss/death and grief

-Sibling jealousy

-School refusal

-Attention and concentration problems


-Eating problems

-Toileting problems

-Technology addiction (computer, television, internet, etc.)

-Test and performance anxiety

-Childhood fears (natural events such as lightning, dark, fear of imaginary creatures etc.)

-Puberty/adolescence problems (peer relationships, communication and problems at school, etc.)

-Risky behaviors in adolescence (ditching school, self-harm, stealing, substance abuse, etc.)

-Sexual development in children and teenagers

-Anxiety disorders (obsessions, nighttime fears, separation anxiety, etc.)

-Sleep problems

-Anger management problems

-Peer bullying


-Self-esteem issues


-Hair pulling


-Speech problems (psychological)

-Hospital and health related fears (dentist, surgery, circumcision, etc.)

-Intrafamilial conflicts