Olha Savchenkova Tufan

Olha Savchenkova Tufan got her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Clinical Psychology master’s degree from Ukraine Volinsky State University and also received the “Psychology Teacher” title.

During her high school years, she worked with homeless children every year as a teaching assistant and during her undergraduate years, she offered psychosocial counselling to children with disabilities.

In 2009, she graduated from Volodymyr Poltavets School of Social Services within Kiev Mohyla Academy National University and got her degree in Social Services. Same year, she completed the Social Services program at Ukraine Work and Social Services Academy.

She continued her professional life as a psychotherapist and social service specialist in Kiev ‘One Hope’ Organization. There she offered parenting training and psychological support to the families who came there to adopt children and she also offered psychological support to the children who were adopted in the process of adaptation and being satisfied with their new families as individuals. She kept providing supervision to those families after the adoption.

She completed her Child Analytic Psychotherapy Training for Professionals in Kiev Vydubitsky Recreation Center in 2012.

After moving to Turkey, she worked as a psychologist and an early childhood pedagogue at Happyland Kids Club Child Development Center for three years period. She also used play therapy, fairytale therapy and art therapy in her professional life. As well as doing psychological counselling with adults at Happyland Kids Club, she also held seminars and trainings for the families. She is providing psychological counselling to children with disabilities at Private Moscow International School in Antalya.

Olha Savchenkova Tufan offers counselling to children, adolescents and adults in Salt Psychology Institute in Russian and Ukranian.