Merve Özgüven

Merve Özgüven completed her primary, secondary and highschool education in Adana and got her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Yeditepe University. During her bachelor’s degree program, she worked in a project that was conducted by Maltepe Municipality and Febris Education & Counselling Center as a volunteer. Within the scope of this project, they used developmental tests and did screening on many preschoolers and their parents.

In the course of her undergraduate education, she did her internship at Avigen Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Center and started working there as a therapist following her graduation. During that time, she got accepted to the Clinical Psychology Master’s degree program at Üsküdar University and completed her compulsory practical training at NP Istanbul Brain Hospital. She wrote her master’s thesis on “Anxiety Sensitivity in Adults” under the supervision of Professor Dr. Hüsnü Erkmen. Later on, she co-founded the Psikoyaşam Academy with two co-partners. Then she moved to Antalya and started working as a clinical psychologist at Maxx Royal Resorts & Voyage Hotels Group where she offered counselling services to the employees within the group and held personal development trainings. Thereafter, she started working at Salt Psychology Institute in 2018. In Salt Psychology Institute, she offers child and adult counselling and uses a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Schema Therapy and EMDR Therapy techniques.

Trainings and Workshops

-EMDR (Level 1)- Emre Konuk&Asena Yurtsever

-EMDR (Level 2)- Emre Konuk&Asena Yurtsever

-EMDR in Children and Adolescents- Ümran Korkmazlar

-EMDR for Working on Attachment Issues in Adults- Asena Yurtsever&Ayşe Bombacı

-EMDR and Cognitive Interventions- Şirin Atçeken

-EMDR Applications on Child Phenomenon- Ümran Korkmazlar

-EMDR for Treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- Zeynep Özmeydan

-Schema Therapy Training (Level 1)- Alp Karaosmanoğlu

-Schema Therapy Training (Level 2)- Alp Karaosmanoğlu

-Schema Therapy Training (Level 3)- Alp Karaosmanoğlu

-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training- Hakan Türkçapar

-Sex Therapy Training- Cebrahil Kısa

-Play Therapy Training- Elif Gökçen