Aslıhan Akbel

Klinig Psikolog

Aslıhan Akbel completed her primary, secondary and high school education in Antalya and got her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Okan University. It was one of her dreams to study psychology from a young age.

During her undergraduate years, she did voluntary internships in places like Antalya Private Perge İlgi Special Education and Rehabilitation Center and Erenköy Hospital for Mental and Nervous Diseases. In that way, she had the opportunity to explore different areas of the field.

Right after her undergraduate education, she started her Clinical Psychology master’s program at Okan University, and she did psychotherapy sessions with clients during that time as a part of her master’s program.

After getting her master’s degree, she offered counselling service to students who were preparing for the university admission exam and she worked on exam anxiety, stress management and time management with those students. In 2019, she joined the Salt Psychology Institute team.

Aslıhan Akbel uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EMDR Therapy as her main therapeutic approaches.

Trainings and Workshops

-Behavioral Cognitive Therapy Training and Supervision- Okan University Clinical Psychology Master’s Degree Program

-Time Management Training- Istanbul Management Institute

-Beck Oriented Clinical First Interview &Therapy Skills- CBTIstanbul (Emel Stroup)

-Beck Oriented Cognitive Therapy Principles & Their Applications to Depression Treatment- CBTIstanbul (Emel Stroup)

-The Application of Beck Oriented Cognitive Therapy to Anxiety- CBTIstanbul (Emel Stroup)

-The Application of Beck Oriented Cognitive Therapy to OCD- CBTIstanbul (Emel Stroup)

-The Application of Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) in OCD- CBTIstanbul (Emel Stroup)

-Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)- Turkish Psychological Association

-Tests for Children- Wisdom Institute