Almıla Şen

Almıla Şen got her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Istanbul University. Then she got her master’s degree in Health Psychology from London Westminster University. She had Gestalt Integrative Family Therapy training from the University of London and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training and supervision from University of Oxford. She completed her supervision from University of Oxford on the application of behavioral-cognitive therapy to anxiety disorders (exam anxiety, health anxiety, social anxiety), depression and phobias. She works with adolescents, adults, couples and families. Şen’s main areas of specialty include traumas, abuse (psychological, verbal, physical), obsessions, phobias, anger management, grief process, attention deficit, relationships, marriage and divorce process, sex therapy, pregnancy and delivery process, parenting twins, eating disorders, stress management, sexual identity gay, lesbian, bisexual) and psycho-oncology.

During the time she lived in London for 16 years, she worked at Kingston University, Mind, Mencap, and Macmillan (Organization for Cancer Support). After returning to Turkey, she provided psychotherapy for English and Turkish patients in Antalya Memorial Hospital and Medstar Hospital. Her voluntary work involves working with amputee soccer and basketball team as the team’s voluntary psychologist. She gave seminars on effective communication, goal-driven teamwork, acquiring the ability to be coordinated in a short period of time and stress management to Antalya Provincial Directorate of Health Emergency Medical Service staff. She created the “Pink Athenas Breast Cancer Psychosocial Support Group” on Facebook in Antalya and she pioneered to initiate the “Pink October Breast Cancer Awareness Month” activities in Antalya in 2017. She also created the “Blue Butterflies Thyroid Cancer Group” on Facebook to give psychological support to the people who are battling with thyroid cancer during the process of surgery and treatment (atom diet, radioactive iodine therapy, isolation, hypothyroid process). She is the creator and the administrator of both groups.

Trainings and Workshops That She Provides

-Eating disorders, eating healthy and the family’s role in teaching it to their children

-Quality of communication between the healthcare providers (oncology, doctors and nurses in intensive care units) and the oncology patients, how to break the bad news to the patients and empathy.

-How to give therapy to oncology patients in Psycho-oncology (trainings, seminars and workshops to the psychologists)

-Productive teamwork, stress management, anger management, administration of social media groups.

-Giving psychotherapy in English


Oxford University (2007-2008)

Westminster University (1999-2001)

University of London (1997-1998)

Istanbul University (1990-1994)


-Memorial-Medstar Hospitals Group (2012-2018)

-Nirvana Polyclinic (2011-2012)

-Empathy Family Counselling Center (2010-2011)

-London Mencap Organization of Adults with Learning Disabilities and Their Families (2003-2010)

-London Mind Westminster Mental Health Organization (2011-2003)

-London Macmillan Cancer Psychosocial Support Organization (2000-2001)

-London Samatarians Psychosocial Support Organization (1999-2000)

-London University King Faculty (February 2006-July 2006)

-Istanbul University Capa Faculty of Medicine (January 2004-May 2004)

-Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine (June 1993-September 1993)